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Being Adaptable: A Reminder List

image from PXHERE, CC0 It’s been about four years since I produced an updated version of my rather complicated Community-Based Resilience Framework. The revisions I made then had already begun to acknowledge how little we can actually do to prepare ourselves … Continue reading

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Did Early Humans Have Selves?

image by Neil Howard on flickr CC-BY-NC2.0 Ontology is “a gathering of or speaking (-logy) about ‘what is, what exists’ (onto-)”. The suffix -logy has come to mean a study or science, but originally it just referred to something said … Continue reading

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Links of the Quarter: June 2019

image of the Maldives by David Mark from Pixabay, CC0; the islands will likely be completely submerged due to sea level rise from glacial melt by mid-century I’ve recently updated the (highly subjective) list of my ‘best’ 94 posts. That’s out … Continue reading

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Things I Do While Waiting, Hopelessly, for the Dawn

photo by Vahap Kìlüken from pxhere, cc0 The expression the dark night of the soul seems to resonate with a lot of people. It’s used as a metaphor for times of extreme personal, often existential, doubt, angst, hopelessness, depression, meaninglessness, purposelessness, … Continue reading

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