Three Characters Walk Into a Bistro…

This is a work of fiction.

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7 Responses to Three Characters Walk Into a Bistro…

  1. Peter Webb says:

    Beautifully woven together; Thanks

  2. David Beckemeier says:


  3. ronald young says:

    Quite fascinating. I was wondering last week – after reading this poem by Barry Oshry – whether we shouldn’t be trying to express our material in poetry. This persuades me we should be trying

  4. Dave Pollard says:

    Thanks Ronald. An interesting approach. At the very least it might train us to be more economical in our writing. Reminds me a bit of “several short sentences about writing” by Verlyn Klinkenborg (excerpt: I’ve tried writing in the same ‘punctuated’ style a few times: eg

    I’m also fascinated by the use of space in poetry, and the fact that when our eyes take in information from the centre out, and both reading speed and comprehension would actually be maximized if we wrote, and read, sentences starting in the middle of our field of vision, rather than linearly from left to right or vice versa.

  5. Paul Heft says:

    All three of you must be products of disinformation,
    victims of social media, of extremist ramblings.
    Did you waste your educations, you
    can’t even capitalize the beginnings of sentences.
    Your pessimism and nihilism are unbecoming of
    citizens of the advanced nations of the world.
    At least admit your biases, and
    if you can’t be responsible citizens,
    shut up and get out of the way.
    Your betters are doing their best
    to maintain the progress we all deserve,
    calling for you to contribute any way you can.
    You can move beyond your conditioning,
    you can discover your authentic self,
    you can become the best possible version of you.
    Let’s get moving!

  6. Dave Pollard says:

    Thanks Paul. That’s awesome.

    OK, self, let’s do this! Self? Damn, he was around here a minute ago.

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