This is a work of fiction.


… and then, sometimes,
I will just believe your whole story,
every little hairy audacious detail of it:
the tryst, the mystery,
the close calls and near-misses,
the sidelong glances
that you knew just what they meant,
the pathos and tragedy of it all,
and how you handled it all, so gracefully,
so cleverly,
and how it ended,
the karma and the unfairness,
and most of all (“and then what happened?”)
the unexpected, the coda —
the quiet heroics, the turn,
the tense excitement, the resolution,
the final triumph…

because, sometimes,
we all just need, just once,
to be believed,
without hesitation, without condition,
to be told yes, yes!
I’ll buy that, for sure,
that could have been you.

image from Midjourney AI; not my prompt

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  1. David Beckemeier says:

    Loved it!

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