AlterNet explains why hydrogen is not , at least in the short run, a clean or renewable energy alternative, and may in fact detract from important renewable energy programs already getting traction.

In the International Herald Tribune, 80-year-old Norman Mailer weighs in with a warning that the U.S. has already attained a “pre-fascistic atmosphere” and that, alas, fascism, not democracy, may be the natural state for nations.

Robert Scheer brings to our attention this remarkable excerpt from Colin Powell ‘s 1995 autobiography:

“I recently read Bernard Fall’s book on Vietnam, ‘Street Without Joy.’ Fall makes painfully clear that we had almost no understanding of what we had gotten ourselves into. I cannot help thinking that if President Kennedy or President Johnson had spent a quiet weekend at Camp David reading that perceptive book, they would have returned to the White House Monday morning and immediately started to figure out a way to extricate us from the quicksand of Vietnam.”

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