Scott Rosenberg thought my idea for a Search Across All Salon Blogs tool was a great one, but said Salon doesn’t have the resources right now to host it on Salon’s Home Page. So I’ve put it up on mine, as you can see on the right, underneath my Search Site bar. It seems to work fine – I tested it with ‘post-modernism’ and all the right blogs showed up in the search results. Try it out yourself, and if you like it lift the HTML and put it on your own site (don’t forget to substitute the references to my masthead, and my blog URL, with your own).

And while you’re at it, feel free to lift the Candle for Peace gif as well. If you’re new at this stuff, save your Home Page template somewhere first in case you accidentally do something disastrous and need to restore it (speaking from experience here). And thanks to Google, for making this so easy and for its continuing strong support of the blogosphere.

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