Just two quick posts today, as I catch up on work backlog, my reading of others’ blogs and research for two big posts that should be ready this weekend.

The Agonist warblog has become so popular that it has had to put up a fourth mirror site and revamp its comments software to handle the more than two million hits per day it has been receiving since the start of the war. Offering readers minute-by-minute details on the war, and apologizing for bathroom and family breaks, engaging writer Sean-Paul Kelley shrugs off his fame as a ‘labor of love’. There is no time for 30,000-foot analysis in the blizzard of facts: He just reported that Richard Perle has resigned one of his advisory posts (in light of his obvious conflict of interest), and that Paul Cellucci had the full backing of the Bush regime when he launched his outrageous tirade against Canada Tuesday.

A surprised beneficiary of this fact feeding-frenzy is Salon blogger Douglas Anders’ The Agora . Due to alphabetical privilege, Doug’s blog appears first on The Agonist ‘s blogroll, which has sent hundreds of Agonist readers to Doug’s blog in search of more, pushing The Agora near the top of the Salon rankings. The self-effacing Mr. Anders has been posting only irregularly, and insists his blog ‘sucks’ (it’s actually very good). Good on yer mate — shows it pays to advertise. I got a bit of a tailwind myself yesterday when MSNBC’s Blogspotting covered my How to Be a Successful Activist post.

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