salon logo A message to all Salon Bloggers: Following is a survey whose purpose is:

  1. To help each of us in the Salon Blogging community to better understand others’ blogging objectives and ambitions, so we can help each other achieve them, and
  2. To identify, and communicate to Salon and Radio Userland, the most-needed improvements to the tools with which we blog.

I have e-mailed some Salon bloggers a copy of this survey. If you have not received the e-mail, I would welcome your response by e-mail please not via comments to this post. It is not essential that you answer all six questions, just the ones you care about. I will compile the responses, comment on any trends or consensus, and communicate the results back to the Salon Blog community, and to Salon and Radio Userland.

In your e-mail, simply send me your comments numbered 1-6 corresponding to the six questions below. Amplify or add to the questions as you see fit. Thanks for your help.

1. How do you publicize the existence of your blog to different audiences you want to read it?

2. What do you like/dislike about these existing features of Salon/Radio, and how would you improve them?

a. Themes (alternative layouts) f. Categories (indexing posts by type)
b. Templates (customizability of pages) g. Commenting
c. Blogroll (navigator/resource links) h. Text editor (WYSIWYG)
d. News aggregator (RSS subscriptions) i. Outliner (organizing/making lists)
e. Archiving (calendar-based access to older posts) j. Support

3. What additional features are most needed in Salon/Radio software?

a. Mirroring (ability to post to/synchronize more than one blog) f. Ability to edit/delete comments
b. Search functionality (search own site, or across all Salon blogs) g. Separate templates for each category
c. Trackback functionality h. Table of contents for archive
d. Ability to restrict access to blog pages i. Other (please elaborate)
e. Headline/Teaser posting (show only abstract or first paragraph of post on home page, with link to the rest)

4. How do you locate other blogs & resources to include in your blogroll and RSS subscriptions, and how do you decide what/how many resources to include?

5. What additional comments/questions/hints/advice do you have for the Salon Blogger community (especially newbies)?

6. Nosy question: How do you gauge the success of your blog?

  1. Buzz: Number of hits, ranking, or number of comments
  2. Reach: Number of unique referrers or new referrers
  3. Kudos: Number of compliments, publications, other recognition
  4. Response from specific readers I care about
  5. My personal assessment of the quality of my posts, blog layout etc.
  6. Whether I’m having fun
  7. Other (please elaborate)
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  1. Thanks for doing this, Dave. A much needed forum for venting our frustrations and our satisfactions.

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