Kriselda at Different Strings reports the outrageous behaviour of Richard Condon, a DJ in Louisiana with Citadel Communications, who incited listeners to break up a planned anti-war demonstration and “put bullets in the heads” of the demonstrators. Police were present to prevent the resulting confrontation from turning excessively violent, but the unrepentent Condon egged on the pro-war crowd and concluded with a call to “nuke Canada”, presumably after the “cakewalk” in Iraq is over. Citadel has taken no calls and no action.

This brings to three, along with pro-war demonstration organizers Clear Channel Communications and Dixie Chicks banners Cumulus Media, the number of radio conglomerates with Republican connections using their vast corporate muscle to oppress dissent and first amendment rights. Between them they own almost 2000 U.S. radio stations (Clear Channel 1500, Cumulus 260, Citadel 225). If you’re not hearing any anti-war songs or news on the radio, now you know why.

It will also probably come as no surprise that, while 86 newspapers (per Google News) reported on Nick De Genova’s outrageous anti -war remarks, and hundreds reported Peter Arnett’s firing for talking to Iraqi TV, only one reported the Condon call to murder protesters. Must be that damn liberal media bias…

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