newspaper I’ve recently reported (here and here ) the most egregious examples of Western war propaganda that were picked up by the mainstream media and run as ‘fact’, only to be debunked as wild exaggerations or complete fabrications a few hours or days later. Looking at them again, I notice that quite a few of these received first mention or particular prominence in certain publications. To help bloggers more easily filter news from nonsense, I now present:

The Dubious News: Publications Not To Be Trusted

Publications of Sun Myung Moon:
  Washington Times

Publications & Media of Right Wingnut Rupert Murdoch :
  New York Post
  London Sun
  Brisbane Courier-Mail
  Adelaide Advertiser/Sunday Mail
  Canberra Times
  Sydney Daily Telegraph
  Melbourne Herald/Sun

Publications of Right Wingnut Conrad Black:
  London Daily Telegraph/Spectator
  Jerusalem Post
(Richard Perle is a Director)
  New York Sun ( “dissent=treason” )
  Chicago Sun-Times

Marginally Dubious – Watch List:
  MSNBC/Slate (GE)
  Wall Street Journal/CNBC (Dow-Jones/GE)

If there is sufficient interest, I will update and maintain this list until the end of the war. Suggestions for additions to the list are welcome. If you question the inclusion of any of these publications, take a look at their websites and note the obvious slant (in what they report and don’t report as news, not in their editorial pages) and their predisposition to report unsubstantiated and unsubstantiable news.

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