earth As its title implies, one of the purposes of this blog is to lay out a specific action plan to restore ecological balance to our planet. This entails dealing with the fundamental cause of the imbalance (i.e. the behaviour of our human culture) in a multifaceted and comprehensive way, instead of just dealing with the ever-more challenging symptoms of it.

If you agree this is a worthwhile (if somewhat ambitious) objective, I would ask you to please do four things:

  1. Read The Third Way . This summarizes the philosophy behind the 17 projects in the action plan I propose as a starting point..
  2. Read How to Save the World . This is a longer (30 page) explanation of how, an increasing number of us believe, our planet and humanity got to where we are, and how we can fix it. Better yet, read the books listed in the bibliography, which are much more eloquent than my attempted synopses. And please help me improve this document.
  3. Spread the word. Take what you like from the above documents, throw out what you don’t like, and create your own story, a story of What Needs to be Done and Can be Done, that works for you. Then tell the story. Evolve the meme and pass it on.
  4. Select one or more of the 17 projects listed below, as identified in How to Save the World (and explained in the post below). Go do them. If you buy this systems chart (and so far it’s received very positive reviews from ‘systems thinkers’) , the collective success of these projects will go a long way to changing human behaviour, and hence our culture, and therefore restore the ecological balance of our planet. If you know of others working on these projects or variances, or of there’s something missing, please tell me. I’m working on P1 and P6 myself.

17 projects
Momentous changes in human behaviour have been achieved before. Dare to believe: It’s too easy and too late to say this is all too idealistic and can’t work. Each of us doing diligently what we do best on these projects, and persuading others to come on board, can do it. We can change the world.

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    Interesting method.

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