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Primary (Big Hairy Audacious) Goals:

G1 Healthy Communities, Healthy World, End to Suffering: Both physical and emotional health for all of Earth’s creatures; Well-being not Wealth
G2 Stability & Diversity of All Life on Earth:  Return to the law of limited competition (no destruction of creatures that eat the same food we do, or their food supply); Greatly reduced human population to allow a return to diversity of life on Earth

Indirect (G3, G4) and By-Product (G5) Goals:

G3 Reduced Human Impact:  Less use of land and natural resources by humans and human enterprises
G4 Natural Habitats & Rights for Non-Humans :  Restoration of most of Earth to natural ecosystems, to a state unimpacted or only marginally impacted by humans; Basic rights to life, freedom from persecution (other than for food), freedom from suffering, and an end to treatment as human ‘property’
G5 Peace, Security, Economic & Political Stability, and Emotional Health:  All these long-time human goals would be achieved as a by-product of attaining Primary Goals G1-G2 above

Technology & Innovation Projects:

T1 Self-Sufficiency Technologies & Innovations :  Examples: Solar energy, advances that allow all communities to be energy self-sufficient; Other innovations that allow each community to supply and provide as many of its basic needs as possible (food, clothing, building materials, transport & communication), so that only luxuries need to be imported or exported outside the community
T2 Anti-Aggression Technologies & Innovations :  Therapies, herbs and pharmaceuticals that make humans less violent, since the aggressive impulses that we required for survival in our early evolution are no longer necessary, and are in fact destructive
T3 Biological Technologies & Innovations :  Within ethical limits (i.e. without exploiting any animal species for the benefit of another), development of pharmaceuticals & materials that reduce suffering of all life, or allow more to be done with less resources
T4 Networked Computers & Collaborative Focus Group Solutions:  Redeployment of computer power to develop additional solutions leading to attainment of Goals G1-G4; Use of the Internet and other collaborative communication tools to produce thought leadership and develop additional solutions cooperatively across disciplines
T5 Anti-Polluter Technologies & Innovations :  Development of online lists of polluters and tools that allow citizens to lobby for action against polluters and organize boycotts of offending companies
T6 Anti-Fertility Technologies & Innovations :  RU486 and other innovative technologies that reduce human fertility painlessly, equitably and, to the extent possible, voluntarily
T7 Inter-Species Communication Technologies & Innovations:  Linguistic and other technologies that aid in deciphering other animals’ communications and allowing us to communicate with them

Social & Educational Projects:

S1 Re-learn How and Why Communities Work :  Development & teaching to all ages of curricula that explain the logic and efficiency of community-based businesses,  governments, schools,  regulations, economic systems, and other institutions, compared to large, centralized organization models
S2 Educate & Foment Dissatisfaction & Critical Thinking:  Revamping education to make critical thinking the #1 core skill;  Publishing magazines & books, and organizing groups to foster dissenting ideas and dissatisfaction with the existing political, economic, social and religious dogma that are causing our current crisis
S3 Voluntary Food Production Reduction:  Encouragement of programs to produce less human food as a means of stemming human overpopulation and excessive human land use (read Story of B for rationale for this)
S4 Voluntary Fertility Reduction:  Support for ZPG and other organizations leading the fight to get humans to reduce our population voluntarily

Economic, Legal & Political Projects

P1 Anti-Waste and Anti-Pollution Laws & Taxes:  Elimination of subsidies, revamping of regulations and tax laws in order to prohibit or tax waste, high resource use and pollution, and encourage clean, employment-producing and efficient businesses that promote reuse/reduce/recycle principles
P2 Decentralization of Political and Economic Power:  Banning of corporate involvement in the political process, including lobbying and political funding; Elimination of trade regulations and other laws that limit national & local governments’ ability to minimize environmental damage and exploitation of employees within their borders;  Devolution of authority over land & resource use, industry, energy, health, education etc. to local community level, and allow taxpayers to vote on how they want their tax dollars allocated (which government departments and programs) when they pay their taxes
P3 Laws & Taxes Limiting Human Food Production :  Elimination of subsidies and enactment of laws and tax penalties to reduce food production levels to that needed to support the local community
P4 Ban on Ecologically Damaging Technologies :  Examples: nuclear plants, dams, animal testing procedures, some agricultural genetic engineering
P5 Stringent Conservation Laws:  Prohibition on taking more out of the land than is put back; Remediation of much of Earth to a ‘natural’ state free from significant human occupation or interference
P6 Animal Rights Laws:  Basic rights to life, freedom from persecution (other than for food), freedom from suffering, and an end to treatment as human ‘property’, for all Earth animals
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