at night
sitting out on the back hill with Chelsea
looking down toward the South pond
everything sounds like this
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5 Responses to PEEPER

  1. Marie Foster says:

    Is this your place Dave? Wow… er… looks like an estate.I feel so poor.

  2. Dave Pollard says:

    Hence the title of the post. I guess now you’ve asked I’ll have to ‘fess up what the title means:1. It’s based on a photo from the air, which would make a woodshed look huge.2. The next two houses in the subdivision have been airbrushed out from the upper right.3. It’s been recoloured to make it look lusher.4. It’s not a drawing at all, just a digitally altered version of the already-doctored photograph.5. Because of the lack of fences and other tell-tale gauges, a couple of acres can be made to look like a Texas-sized spread.6. Even the sound file of the whistling frogs is bogus, stolen from a nature site (though they really do sound like that at night).Having said all that, you can bet this ‘art fraud’ will be part of the package if we ever sell the house. I’m sure real estate agents are already on to this gimmickry. As it is, the original, which we just bought yesterday, will go up on our mantlepiece. And although it doesn’t live up to the photo, our house is a very nice place to live. Toronto has very inexpensive housing, especially way out in the ‘boonies’ where we are, and it’s very peaceful. Just don’t expect it to look like the picture if you come for a visit.

  3. Dave Pollard says:

    [I had a change of heart about this post, since the altered picture I had put up, despite the original post title ‘Fraudulent Art’, seemed to me in retrospect to be celebrating fraudulent art instead of fingering it. I know replacing a post violates a cardinal rule of blogging, but the new pictures are real, and honesty is the best policy.]

  4. paulapalooza says:

    Well, I missed the first pictures but I gotta say I LOVE the spring peepers. I never heard them when I lived back in Kansas, but have come to absolutely LOVE them here in Connecticut! I love driving along a back road and hearing the Doppler Effect of Peepers as you drive past creeks and ponds.

  5. Marie Foster says:

    I loved Toronto when I went there a few years ago for a dba class. I had some frequent flyer tickets and I always wanted to meet Art Fuller. He had a quote that still is my favorite one about programming innovation… “Steal from the best!”I was a Clipper Head in those days. Jeez… sounds like ancient history now.Anyway, I loved the ROM. And the people were so nice. A couple of times I was standing on the street looking confused as to directions and people would come up to me and offer to help with map reading etc. They had ready advice for things to do on foot in the city.I want to go back.

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