projectThe May Day Project is about collecting glimpses into people’s lives through photographs.   Whether they be self portraits, landscapes or macros, candid or posed, snapshots or something more creative – we want to see what your day was like Saturday May 10th, 2003 .”

Other Salon Bloggers posting pics today: Rayne , Rich Pure & Simple , Playing With My Food (Paul) , Barbaric Yawp (Chris), Neva . Anyone know of any others? Never did get any sun, so I went for moody .

7 pm: Dinner with neighbours
mayday 9

6 pm: This pond is part of our ‘wilderness’
mayday 5

4 pm: Back home, just after unloading the groceries
mayday 8

3 pm: While my wife shops, another walk for Chelsea & me
mayday 7

1 pm: Another garden, by the driveway
mayday 6

1 pm: My wife’s already working on the front garden
mayday 4

11 am: Near the pond with the whistling frogs

10 am: Two acres of our lot is kept as wilderness

9 am: Setting out for the Saturday morning walk

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7 Responses to MAY DAY PROJECT

  1. Fun pure&simple.regards – rich

  2. Charly Z says:

    Oy-oy-oy! The Project’s button is not showing!Check that the src for the image points to a secondary note, May 10th is Mother’s Day in Mexico. Hi, mom! Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. Dave Pollard says:

    Gracias, Carlos.

  4. Rayne says:

    Was a very nice day, in spite of the lack of clear bright skies. Nice work!

  5. Dave Pollard says:

    You too, Rayne. Now are there any photoshop gurus who can take the pink sunstreak out of my sunset picture?

  6. silly me says:

    I don’t usually come to this blog, so perhaps I miss it. But is there anything that makes you break out laughing that you can share??? If the world we save is without mirth… maybe I’m overlooking something.

  7. Marie Foster says:

    Great pictures Dave. For some reason I missed out on seeing that the project was on or I would have made a point to go out and take some myself.Though if I did that, I would then have to figure out how I got that one picture to actually upload in radio.Oh well, I can get a disk ready and go out this week and try to get some shots from around here. It is going to rain but after that I should go take some pictures as it will soon be too hot for me to go outside a lot..

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