dlibert While looking for a book yesterday I came across a ten-year-old book of business survival tips by Richard Moran called Beware Those Who Ask for Feedback . I had circled some of the tips and find that they’re just as valuable now as they were then. Here’s a baker’s dozen:

  • 07. People who ask for feedback are usually really asking for validation.
  • 49. Never gossip, entertain gossip or do things that give rise to gossip.
  • 57. Work always gravitates to the most competent.
  • 59. Low-hanging fruit almost always turns out to have been already picked.
  • 71. Never confuse making people happy with doing what needs to be done.
  • 98. There is no relationship between morale and organizational success.
  • 110. If you get a below-average performance rating, change departments, supervisors, or jobs.
  • 143. If employees don’t like your system or process, it won’t get implemented.
  • 181. There are no communication, turnover or morale ‘problems’. They are all symptoms of management problems. Fix the problem, not the symptom.
  • 195. When an initiative begins with a series of posters, it’s already in trouble.
  • 250. When giving a presentation, think of what people will remember. That’s no more than two things.
  • 285. Never expect total honesty in front of the boss.
  • 335. Make someone’s life easier. It always pays dividends.
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