antique car I‘m organizing a car rally around the Caledon countryside next month. I’ve organized them before, many years ago, but a lot has changed since then. This is a group of neighbourhood couple with their kids and/or friends, so it can’t be too serious or competitive. Here’s what I have so far:

  • Every car (team) will take a cellphone and a digital camera.
  • You follow relatively easy directions, staying just under the speed limit.
  • You call into ‘Headquarters’ when you reach certain ‘checkpoints’. HQ logs your time and allots points depending on time elapsed since last checkpoint (not too much, not too little)
  • You are asked to look for 10 things along the route (no info given on exactly where on the route they are) and get points for each one you see and photograph
  • You are given 10 photographs of things along the route and get points for noticing them and saying what street or road they’re on.
  • You have to complete three silly out-of-car projects en route, and photograph them for points to show you did them.
  • We all meet at a neighbourhood restaurant, show the pictures up on a screen, and award the prizes, at the end of the route.

Any other ideas? Any landmines I’ll need to avoid?

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