AdamsAfter graduating from Kelvin, and finishing a BSc at U of  Toronto, I started working for what was then the Unemployment Insurance Commission.  For the next seven years I worked my way through various functions including finance,  and monitoring and training on the paralegal aspects of the claims adjudication process.

In 1977 I married Phil Rotman.  We have 3 children: Rebecca, born in 1980, Shauna, born in 1983, and Aaron,  born in 1986 (we were on the 3-year plan).  I went on an extended leave of  absence from the government after Becca was born, and liked it so much that I never went back.  I have basically been on the Mommy Track ever since.  We bought our first house in Toronto in 1978,  and moved to our current home in Richmond Hill in 1982.

Shortly after I married Phil, I started doing the bookkeeping for various family enterprises  and I found it to be a good addendum to the whole housekeeping/parenting lifestyle.  As the kids got older, I picked up other assorted part-time jobs and am currently doing the books for a company called Canadian Coin Auctions and Sales.  For those of you who are into such things, this is the company that sells packaged coin collections and other numismatic items on The Shopping Channel. 

Becca is in the co-op program at U of Waterloo, working on a B Math in Computer Science and Bioinformatics.   At the moment, she is doing her last co-op term working in a toxicology lab at Michigan State.  Shauna will be starting 2nd year in Biological and Chemical Engineering at McMaster in the fall.  Aaron is finishing Grade 11 and  has two part-time jobs ñ as a crew member at Laser Quest and as a bicycle mechanic at a local bike shop.  He is a major bike nut and has done a lengthy bike trip each of  the last 3 summers, most recently a 3 week ride from Bloomington, Illinois to Bar Harbor, Maine via New York City.

A major part of our family life revolves around cruising on Georgian Bay.  About ten years ago, Phil ìlost his sanityî (according to him) and we bought an express cruiser.  It turned out to be a focal point for our lives.  We are currently boating out of a marina in Honey Harbour.  Most summer weekends will find us swinging at anchor in some bay in the 30,000 Islands.   We also have done a few extended cruises to Killarney, and down the Trent/Severn canal system as far as Peterborough.

My Dad passed away in 1991. My Mother is still doing quite well, spending the winters in Florida and the summers in Victoria, having moved there from Winnipeg two years ago to be closer to my brother Bob and his wife Roberta. My sister Liz lives in New York.

Unfortunately, I am not able to attend the reunion, but would enjoy hearing from any of the Kelvin crowd,  especially if you happen to be passing through the Toronto area.

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