I am confirming my attendance at the ì69î Kelvin Hight Grads.  Do let me know your address for the afternoon session (and directions, if necessary) and I will send the appropriate cheque by June 9, 2003.

You asked for a ìbioî and family pictures.  I enclose a copy of the last picture of myself since (as I am sure you will remember) after 1969 I allowed no pictures to be taken of myself.  You will also recall that that was due to the various unfortunate incidents of mistaken identity which included; James Earl Jones, Charles Manson, PeeWee Herman, and Johnny Cash.  Since those resulted in various law suits and solitary confinement for 25 years at Folsom Prison, I find it prudent not to have my picture taken except in disguise although the enclosed picture is very close to what I now look like.

In terms of a ìbioî, you have to have a life to have one so my comments will be brief.  Basically, I walk into hotel rooms, listen to people complain about things and each other, and then try to make all of their lives as miserable as possible.  Other than that, I stare out the window of the top floor of One Evergreen Place and wait for the signal that tells me that I have to (yet once again) save the City or some unfortunate individual in distress.  Luckily, that signal has never come. 

Other than that, there is really not much to say.  I am a trustee of the Saddam Hussein Charitable Foundation although that seems to be fairly quiet these days.  I remember my days at Kelvin very fondly as I was rarely there.

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