After Queenston it was River Heights and then Kelvin. From there I went into Nursing at what was the Winnipeg General Hospital (now Health Sciences Centre) and had lots of fun living in residence. Graduated in February 1972 and immediately started a job in a busy emergency department in London, Ontario.

Started attending University of Western Ontario part time and then after one and half years of working weekends and evenings in Emergency went to school full time. Finished with a BA in Sociology.  Worked as a nurse at a boys summer camp in the Haliburton/Minden area and then traveled Europe before getting a job at the Addiction Research Foundation in Toronto.

In 1977 I returned to Winnipeg, working at the Family Medical Centre at St. Boniface General Hospital. Left that job in 1983 and traveled to New Zealand and Australia. In 1984 I started with the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba, in the medical department.

Bought a house on Campbell Street in 1986, got a dog, Jesse my golden retriever who is now 12, dated lots of people but still hadnít found ìthat one special guyî. Continued with my education at U of M with my CIM (Certificate in Management) and CACE (Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education).

In 1989, with my experience at the WCB, I started my own Disability Management/Workers Compensation Consulting businessÖ.and havenít looked back. I have the best boss in the world and love the flexibility, contacts and challenge this type of work brings.

In 1996 I agreed to go to a Xmas party with a client/friend Allan Smeall, who had split up with his wife 6 months earlier and 3 1/2 years later in May 2000 we got married.  We melded our 2 families, my golden retriever and his ìhumane society lab/collieî and are living in Winnipeg, in Wildwood Park (a great place for dog walking!).

We escape on weekends to a cottage at Echo Bay, Lake of the Woods, fishing, kayaking and generally just getting away. My parents and one sister with 3 boys are still living in Winnipeg, but other family members are in Spokane, Washington, Toronto and London Ontario.

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