uncle samVirtual Occoquan is looking for you. All you have to do is take any piece of spam you’ve received, poke it, tart it up a bit until it’s funny, or ironic, and submit it to Mark Hoback within the next few days for the Virtual Occoquan Spam Deconstruction Contest. Win great prizes! Get published! Free Viagra-like-product* for life! Make $60 million a week** in your own home without lifting a finger! Start Your Own Church And Never Pay Taxes Again! Meet exotic friends! Hurry! Rates are going up!

Oh, and mark it ‘Contest Entry’ in the Subject Line so it’s distinguishable from real spam.
* Offer expires August 21   ** Not every week, mind you. But maybe some week.

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  1. David Jones says:

    Yikes! I sure read that wrong. They’re looking for satirists…..and I thought they were looking for guys with satyriasis. So I guess that let’s me out <sigh>.

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