duck 3Hot off the presses,
 the latest edition
  of Virtual Occoquan,
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The Advice Edition

Where You Can Learn:

How to Spruce Up the Back Yard – Molly South
How to Make a Jack and Coke – Chef Ho
How to Build a Spider’s Web – Christopher Key
How to Cook for CBS – Julie Powell
How to Grow Pineapple  – Paul Hinrichs
What to Say to Depress a Thief – Leslie Talbot
How to Grow Old with Grace – Christopher Key
How to Move On – Claire Smith
I Learned Critical Thinking from Ann Landers – Catnmus
How to Change Anything – Dave Pollard
What is the Poetry of Friendship? – Chuck
How to Deal With the First Days of School – Rayne
When to Run Like Hell – Amanda Brightwell
How to Approach Serendipity – Lindsay Marshall
How to describe a totally alien Culture? – Dick Jones
How to Salsa Dance with Latinos – Camilo
Advice for Foreigners Moving to the US – David Harris
What to do if You are Homeless – ihatemylife
What to Visit in Washington D.C. – Matt Henry
Using Sex Toys Without Spoiling the mood – Julia Deckham Gray
Bashing the Bishop – Arabella O’Buggery
How to Find Your Place in Space/Time/Love – Judith Meskill
Interview: How to be a Not-Porn-Star – M Hoback & Darla1972
What to Ponder in the Night – Carlos Arribas
How to Survive a Hurricane – Rich
How to Manage the Pitboss – D. G. Johnston
How to Fix the Country – Steve Raker
How to Handle a Crisis – Kriselda Jarnsaxa
How to Tell You’ve Taken a Wrong Turn – Paul Hinrichs
How to Escalate Non-violence Through Community – Natasha
Should I Campaign for Lieberman? – Rayne
How to interpret the Presidential Message – World O’Crap
How to Reform the Education System – Dave Pollard

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