newbridgeThere are now two Bush Administration scandals brewing.

  1. The deliberate and illegal ‘outing’ of CIA operative Valerie Plame by an Admin official as revenge for her husband’s exposing the Niger arms-to-Iraq story as a fraud. I described this scandal, now dubbed “frog-march” or, in Salon circles “frog-walk“, last week. Stay with Different Strings and Emphasis Added for the up-to-date news on this.
  2. The blatant grab for taxpayer money, from the billions recently requested by Bush for ‘reconstruction’ of Iraq, by intimate friends of Bush and Administration insiders, led by a consortium called New Bridge Strategies, which is headed up by — surprise — Joseph Allbaugh (pictured above), Bush’s campaign manager. New Bridge is overtly advising American corporations how to get the inside track on no-bid contracts, and hence a bigger piece of the pie — for a fee, of course. Robert’s Virtual Soapbox is keeping us up-to-date on this story.
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