karen siscoI don’t watch much network TV. Since the demise of Aaron Sorkin’s Sports Night most of my idiot-box time is spent watching movies, British mysteries on the local BBC feed, and documentaries on PBS and TVOntario. Imagine my surprise, then, to find a sharp, stylish, well-written engaging drama in this new and dreadful fall season. The program is called Karen Sisco, and it’s loosely based on the book/movie Out of Sight by Elmore Leonard (who’s a consultant to the show, which explains the good writing) about the life and work of a female marshall in Miami. The program stars Carla Gugino, and bears some resemblance in pace and style to Miami Vice or even The Rockford Files, but it’s much more literate and the lead character is real, human, flawed, credible, three-dimensional. I’ve just seen the pilot so far, but it’s very promising, and has a great supporting cast of character actors. Wednesday nights at 10 on the otherwise horrendous ABC. Elmore also has some good advice for writers.
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