mcmasterJust got back from the McMaster World Congress on Intellectual Capital and Innovation, where I made two presentations. I’ll have more to say about the Congress in a few days. In the meantime, I welcome any Congress attendees that have found their way to How to Save the World. I’d like to direct them to:

  • The Table of Contents of Business Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Knowledge Management posts near the top of the left sidebar
  • The links to my McMaster papers on the Future of KM and the Next Economy, in downloadable Word format, also found in the left sidebar (my regular blog readers will have already read versions of these in my daily posts), and
  • The section entitled Business/KM Blogs under Blogs & Resources I Read, further down in the left sidebar, containing links to the weblogs of about 40 leading thinkers on Business, Social Networking, Innovation and Knowledge Management. Happy reading and congratulations on a great event.
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