logoRichard Kahn’s Ecological Weblog is back after a several month hiatus. Richard sorts through the many, many sources of environmental and animal rights news, and separates the news that is critical and actionable from that which is merely depressing. But on top of that, Richard offers excellent analysis, revealing what are meaningful advances and what are simply exercises in hype. Recent topics:

  • How ‘national security’ claims are blocking needed access to information about environmental accidents, abuses and risks
  • Why Al Gore isn’t the best or most credible Democratic spokesman on environmental issues
  • Why the Democrats’ New Apollo Alliance on renewable energy and innovation is wrong-headed
  • How radical environmental protesters are getting longer prison sentences for property damage offenses than some murderers and rapists receive

If you’re an environmentalist and haven’t the time (or can’t bear) to read all the environmental news sources and blogs out there, checking out Richard’s blog regularly will ensure you stay on top of the really important issues.

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