that's awfully personal
ere is my answer to this week’s That’s Awfully Personal question:

Q: You wake up in a strange new world where everyone gets paid the same salary no matter what they do for a living, even if there’s no obvious ‘market’ for it, and no matter how many hours a week they work at it. And everything costs ‘whatever you can afford’. What would you do for a living? Is this something you’re already good at, or something you’d like to *become* good at? What kind of people would you like to work with, or would you prefer to work alone? And what would you do with your new-found leisure time?

A: For a living, I’d study and report on the languages of other animals, so that ultimately we could learn to talk to them, and learn from them (more than we do already). I have some skills that would help: Strong analystical and problem-solving ability, creativity and communication skills. But I’d need to study linguistics, to be a better listener, and to pay more attention to detail. I’d like the project to be self-managed, and the team working on it to be self-selected (that means we would pick each other, not that I would pick the team). My spare time would still be spent as it is now — writing — though I would probably also spend more time talking with, perhaps in a teaching/coaching (but not lecturing) capacity, young people.

If you’re interested in playing That’s Awfully Personal each week, the questions, and a complete explanation, can be found here.

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