Thanks to reader encouragement, I’ve gone ahead and expanded my right sidebar Table of Contents to include all 40 subcategories, not just the six main categories. All my 700+ blog posts are indexed by subcategory, for those that prefer finding articles this way over using my Google blogsearch bar. I’ve used anchors to get you to the subcategory lists — not pretty, but functional. I was going to combine the six category Tables of Contents into one, with a pictorial GUI you could click on, until I discovered how many people have permalinks to these six existing category tables and use them as a quick way to check “if Dave has blogged about this issue”.

I’ve also, reluctantly, removed my Salon Blogs Directory from the sidebar. It took an enormous amount of time to update and maintain, and got surprisingly little traffic, even from the new Salon Bloggers it was designed to benefit. ignored my requests to publicize it, which would have given it a lot more visibility and might have given me the impetus to continue it. And the ‘monthly hits’ totals that I compiled have become increasingly meaningless due to the huge number of Google hits to many sites from idiots looking for porn (usually in the wrong places). From time to time I will publish a list of active Salon Blogs sorted by inbound links, highlighting new Salon Blogs. It’s really important that we welcome new bloggers to our community, so if you’ve written something up on new Sloggers, let me know and I’ll publicize it.

For those who have sent me notes on broken and updated links on my blogroll, please be patient — major update of the blogroll coming soon. I just wish I could master those little ‘twisties’ so it didn’t take up so much real estate.

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