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Dave’s Favourite Songs of the 2010s

seal photo from a recent video by my friend Bob Turner In my last post I described the qualities of a great song, and specifically what certain songs evoke in me. This list is my favourite songs of the thousands … Continue reading

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Non-Duality: Three Ways of Describing the Elephant

It’s now been 7 years since I began striving to become more “present” and 4 years since I gave up the struggle and accepted that there is no path to presence, liberation, awakening, enlightenment, or (fill in your favoured word here). When … Continue reading

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My Best Stuff

I‘ve spent the last few days re-reading about 300 of what must be at least 2500 posts on this blog. I started it in February 2003, churning out short articles an average of at least once a day until 2007, … Continue reading

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Updated Bio

image courtesy I was interviewed yesterday by my friend Carolyn Baker for her New Lifeboat Hour podcast — I’ll post more about that when the podcast and YouTube video go up. When we spoke, I realized that my bio … Continue reading

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Dave’s on TV

  Two years ago my dear friends Janaia and Robin at Peak Moment TV interviewed me about what complexity theory has taught me about the unsustainability of our civilization and the futility of trying to change the massive systems underlying it. … Continue reading

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Harpoon Dodger

Today I turn 64. In many ways I have come full circle: I feel closer to the not-quite-2 year-old in the first picture above than I have ever felt since. I have been unimaginably blessed — by the fortune of my … Continue reading

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Why I (Still) Blog

cartoon by the amazing Michael Leunig Reminiscent of the early-blogosphere Friday Five, Marc Hudson of Manchester Climate Monthly asked me 5 brilliant questions and posted my responses on the site. I thought I would repost them here for anyone unaware of and … Continue reading

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Visit to Totnes

I’m in Totnes UK for a 5-day writing/story-telling workshop with Paul Kingsnorth and Dougald Hine, authors of the masterful Dark Mountain Manifesto. Also home to Rob Hopkins and the gang from Transition Network. Not a bad place to spend a … Continue reading

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From SHIFT: My Three-Part Series on Complexity and Collapse

Graphic courtesy of SHIFT Magazine (click on the graphic to view full-screen) The third and final part of my series of articles on complexity and collapse is now up on the SHIFT Magazine site. Here’s a synopsis of all three … Continue reading

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A couple of readers have chastised me for the tone and substance of my recent posts, and I realized that, since most of my readers aren’t aware of my day-to-day life, relationships and activities it’s not surprising that I may come … Continue reading

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