Yet More Crossword Cleverness

Over the last couple of years, I’ve largely switched from NYT crosswords to The New Yorker’s. They seem to have attracted the best of the NYT’s puzzlers, notably Liz Gorski, and they have a much better gender and ethnic minority balance than the NYT ever managed. They also have much more fanciful and imaginative clues than the rigid NYT allows, and more entries from current and minority cultures, while mostly avoiding too much “pop” culture (especially rap and electronic group names that eschew proper spelling, and vowels, respectively).

Unfortunately, I’ve decided to end my New Yorker subscription due to the ferocious anti-Russian and anti-Chinese xenophobia the magazine has exhibited over the last year, especially since the start of the NATO/Russia proxy war in Ukraine. I had expected better from them.

Meanwhile their five-day-a-week online crosswords are excellent (though I find their Thursday “beginner” crosswords too simple). Here are some of the clever clues they’ve had in some of their recent puzzles. I’ve included only the vowels for the answers to each clue, in case readers want to take a stab at guessing the answers when partially filled in. Some of the clues had, or should have had, a wry “?” at the end of the clue to indicate a play on words.

If you just want to see the answers, I’ll include them in a comment to this post:

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2 Responses to Yet More Crossword Cleverness

  1. Dave Pollard says:

    The answers:

    Secretly espouse — ELOPE
    Word derived from Hindu for ‘massage’ — SHAMPOO
    Construction specs — SAFETY GLASSES
    Acrobat launcher — ADOBE
    Mythical diamond overlords — THE BASEBALL GODS
    Ultraconservative movement — ZERO WASTE
    What Georgia has that Geneva lacks — SERIFS
    Grounds for divorce — COURT
    Refuse to grant joint custody — BOGART
    Load-bearing device — DRYER
    Junk drawers — GO COMMANDO
    What may go off when someone’s not straight with you — GAYDAR
    News casters — PAPER BOYS
    Writings by gifted authors — THANK YOU NOTES
    Takes a big leap — SKY DIVES
    Newly engaged folks — HIREES
    Tech support — TELETHERAPY
    Paper stars — COLUMNISTS
    Military trials — BOOT CAMPS
    Sub commander — DOM
    Not definitely going to happen — EVITABLE
    Legal vowelless scrabble play — NTH
    Underground places with bats — DUGOUTS
    Provider of child support — KNEE
    Dog days of winter — IDITEROD
    Self expression — COGITO ERGO SUM
    Where bills pile up — TILL
    Something consumed with a cracker — WALNUT
    Where to find the latest poop — LITTER BOX
    It might have a ‘pets’ section — LEASE
    Target of some body work — DENT
    Pre-overtime statistic — BASE PAY
    Work from a folder — ORIGAMI
    Thanks for waiting — TIP
    Dugout propeller — OAR
    Not remotely — IN PERSON
    Tireless racer — SLED
    Iconic 60s female TV role played by a male — LASSIE
    Marine mammal related to an elephant — MANATEE
    Facebook follower — META
    Hour indicator — LITTLE HAND
    Tool for a cobbler — APPLE CORER
    Things so bright they gotta wear shades — LAMPS
    Unorganized — NON-UNION
    Hair style that circles the head — HALO BRAID
    Cosmetics used to create wings — EYELINERS
    Feature of some tanks — BUILT-IN BRA
    Holder of a pair of aces, perhaps — COCKPIT

  2. Joe Clarkson says:

    The clues are very clever and humorous, but based on these examples I doubt that I will ever try a New Yorker crossword. It might be easier to do them without looking at the clues at all.

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