Updated Bio

image courtesy photo505.com

I was interviewed yesterday by my friend Carolyn Baker for her New Lifeboat Hour podcast — I’ll post more about that when the podcast and YouTube video go up. When we spoke, I realized that my bio is now 4 years old, and I decided to update it. The new bio is here, and also on the right sidebar. Next up for blog maintenance tasks is an overdue update to my ‘signature post’ list.

A tip for hard-copy readers: If you like any of my blog articles enough to print them out, you do not need to strip out the masthead and sidebars before doing so (at least on Chrome and Firefox). Just click on the article header (so the page displays that article only, not multiple articles), and then select File/Print. You will get just the article plus any comments. This seems to work for any wordpress blog. You can also save the article as a PDF, likewise without the extraneous masthead and sidebar content.

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