Awfully Personal Question for September 11, 2004

christinaWelcome to That’s Awfully Personal, an opportunity for blog writers and readers to reveal a little more about themselves than might normally happen during the daily blogging process, and hence get to know each other a bit better. It’s a little like the late, great Friday Five, but more challenging. Each week our Awfully Personal Panel will post one or more new questions for you to answer on your blog, or in the comment space below if you don’t have a blog.

 For more on how That’s Awfully Personal works, please see the How to Play section below. Here is this week’s Awfully Personal Question:

You’re on the fast track to the top of a Fortune 500 company: Your salary has doubled in two years and you’re up for another promotion, to a VP position, next month. But you were accidentally copied on a confidential e-mail intended only for the president of the company, that reveals that the company has clearly been involved in some unethical activities: (1) an unreported chemical spill into a river in Nigeria, (2) a bribe paid to an official  to win a major Italian government contract, and (3) a large liability for an employee pension shortfall that is not shown on the books.

The president has left a voice mail asking you to come to his office ‘at your earliest opportunity’. You’ve talked to a friend of yours, a lawyer, and she’s advised you that most whistle-blowers find their careers at an end, and some get sued for libel. At the same time, she says you could also be charged as an accessory if you fail to report these issues.

Situation 1: The president acknowledges that he knows you received the e-mail, and that the issues discussed are legitimate, and then asks you to say nothing, and that he’s prepared to have the company indemnify you from any liability that should arise as a result of your non-disclosure.

Situation 2: The president acknowledges that he knows you received the e-mail, but says that the issues are ‘complicated’ and there are legitimate, legal reasons why they have not been disclosed. He asks you whether it is your intention to take any action regarding the messages.

What do you do in each case?

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  6. “That’s Awfully Personal” was developed when The Friday Five closed down. The questions are more thought-provoking and, well, more personal than most Friday Five questions. If they’re too serious for you, here’s a group that is resurrecting The Friday Five, which you might enjoy instead.
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