This is important, and brilliantly written. If you want to understand what’s going on in the mind of Al Qaeda’s leaders, and what’s going to happen next, please read it carefully. Thanks to Rayne for the link.

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4 Responses to TERRORIST STRATEGY 101

  1. That was a brilliantly written piece. My favorite part was:”So President Bush is keeping us safe in the following perverse manner: By following Bin Laden’s script so perfectly up to this point, Bush has made another attack unnecessary. Since the purpose of 9/11 was to rile us up, Al Qaeda need not hit us again as long as we stay riled.”I have been saying that for a long time (http://www.davidjohnson.ca/index.php?p=43). Every time I hear Bush call the terrorists a group of ‘thugs and assasins” I get angry because that is so completely wrong. “Thugs and assassins” makes them sound like a bunch of renegade criminals who hate freedom and the western world at best, and psychopathic lunatics at worst. These guys aren’t stupid. They have a plan and Bush and his gang are playing right into their plans.Unfortunately Kerry couldn’t put these thoughts into a 10 second sound byte. He tried with a ‘more sensitive war on terrorism’ speech but Bush/Cheney and gang ripped him for being soft on terrorists and the ‘kill them before they kill us’ card resonates better amongst the media who refuse to actually discuss issues in depth.

  2. Euan says:

    Great post Dave – thanks for pointing to it.

  3. gbreez says:

    My response at KOS:”And so, it seems there is a quite deliberate polarization of the two sides, west and east, as always predicted. The US is the prime and first foe, being the most assailable because of its current theocratic status as a Christian Dominion. And for the East, we have the somewhat still divided but thanks to Bu$hCo quickly aggregating Arab Dominion. It is like a boxing match in which the real winners are not even slightly involved but are making their money nonetheless. Let’s give a cheer for the Almighty Corporations! They are, after all, the real winners. Jesus, Allah and all who pray are the damned for they are the f** off.Preserve the center? Yeah, right.”However, I do believe that we must fight to preserve the center. We must do all we can to fight the fire without fanning the flames. JMHO.

  4. Jon Husband says:

    As noted above, brilliant piece. Why is it so surprising that Bush and co. have played directly into this trap ? A range of people were pointing this out 3 years ago, and were buried under the din of “we’ve got to get them”.Root causes don’t go away, and (eventually) must be addressed.

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