A Running Out Story

smartcarMore on the End of Oil:

  • Eric Sprott suggests you consider what will happen to the markets when the price of oil doubles soon,
  • Richard Duncan recaps the Olduvai Theory predicting the end of oil, and of civilization, by 2030, and
  • John Michael Greer quotes Galbraith, and suggests a locally-autonomous community-based economy will help us get through it,

And we’re nearing the End of the Bubble:

  • James Grant in the NYT warns the stock market bubble is as bad as ever, and Greenspan is to blame,

But if you Ask the People:

  • They think too much is spent on defense and war and not enough on health, education, renewable energy, jobs and deficit reduction;

Meanwhile Nero Keeps Fiddling:

  • Bush appoints a redneck who hates the UN as the ambassador to the UN, paving the way for US withdrawal, and
  • Robert Byrd warns eloquently that the new legislation to end filibusters means the end of free speech, the end of the right of dissent, and the end of minority rights in America

And Don’t Count on Business to Help Out:

  • Two new surveys show US investment in innovation is in a tailspin.

There are disturbing signs that hot on the heels of the End of Oil will come the End of Water. So put a rainbarrel on your shopping list along with the hybrid or Smart Car.

Thanks to reader David Parkinson and Innovation Weekly for some of the links.

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2 Responses to A Running Out Story

  1. Travis says:

    Everyone’s thinking about the economy and war in the wrong way. The problem with the economy isn’t that we’re spending money on war, or we’re not spending it on education. Because the problem with the economy, confusingly enough, isn’t the money. The problem is this institution of a speculative monetary system. Currency speculation, housing speculation. Speaking of housing, 25% of real estate dealings in the US are only speculative; nobody lives in these houses.This system, a floating exchange rate speculative system, is a failed system, is doomed to collapse, and is pretty much collapsing right now, what with South Korea and Japan thinking of pulling out their investments in the dollar, and what with the need for 5 billion dollars a day which is barely holding together the seams of the trade deficit, furthermore, considering the global relliance on the dollar…when the US economy crashes, well…domino effect right?

  2. Derek says:

    I especially like the metaphor at the end of Greer’s article. We *are* on a doomed ship. And yes, many of the passengers (and especially the crew) or oblivious or incapable of doing anything. But that doesn’t mean we’re all going to die. A few of us, who are thinking, will make our way to the lifeboats, put on our life preservers, and be ready to take action.Looks like I better get a move on those solar heat & power projects. That, and convert one of my cars to run on wood.

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