Saturday Links — a Day Late

We hosted the annual neighbourhood BBQ yesterday, so this week’s ‘best links of the week’ post is a little late. Another post to follow later today.

The Innovation-Centric Company: From Roger Smith at the Fast Company Blog, what it takes to be a company that is centred on innovation, rather than short-term profit. “A company must demonstrate that their innovation moves them from a customer’s current needs to their future needs before the customer gets there. Customers will learn which companies can only satisfy today’s problems and which are already imagining and solving the problems they will have in the future. The innovation-centric company is establishing itself as a lifelong partner.”

Open Space to the Gift Economy: Proceedings of last year’s Open Space events exploring how we can bridge to the Gift Economy. Some fascinating stuff here I’ll write more about later. Thanks to Chris Corrigan for the link.

Revolution in the Maldive Republic: There’s a pro-democracy uprising in the Maldive Islands (bet you’ve never heard of this country) and the only media covering it are the bloggers. Would the MSM be there if it were an oil nation?

State of the Blogosphere: David Sifry at Technorati has an interesting 5-part review of what’s happened in the past year in the blogosphere (scroll down to the 5 parts in reverse order). More bloggers, fewer readers to go around? Read it and find out. Some great graphics, like the one above,
Ranking of How to Save the World by number of other blogs referring to it each day

BlogPulse Blog Profiles: Some interesting data on your personal blog can be found on Intelliseek’s BlogPulse site. Put in your blog URL and learn.

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