two poems by romana

romana is my perceptive and very talented fifteen-year-old grand-daughter


They say it’s funny how they always notice
That after we rip out their heart, stick it down their throat
And still want to be friends, we always act like there’s nothing even wrong
But then they always tell us they
Would rather have had one breath of our hair, one kiss from our mouth, one
touch of our hand, than an eternity without it
Makes us feel like we were the jerks
Although those boys always do push our very last button
It begins to not matter so much ’cause
What’s done is done, relationships take work, effort is pointless
And in the end all you have is the memories
The memories that haunt you until your very last breath of life
Yet still we strive with our very last might about what could have been
And what you should have seen
Longing to be able to only take that one last breath with you


Glowing Light

Sheets of dust
Blowing all towards me
They blow without a care in the world
The sheets have all said the same thing
They speak the same tale
Across the world you have come
To see me bless you with my hands
And as they move up and down
Not fulfilled with the things they say
The newspaper still delivers the same message
The town moves with no motion
Listening to what they say unfold
The path is transparent
The sheets are now blown away
The tale is over
As I sit here alone
I know where I am

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  1. Wissbegieriger says:

    For Romana: the second poem is very good, and I really felt with your end. It had the sense of the exact. The first poem was very honest, and I hope a number of the boys will have their chance to read it. Publishing both of these would be good, as then everyone gets some distance.Best to you from someone who has written a few, and got further than you would have to go, to be in Basel ;). By way of a few others…C.

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