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Spin, the Three P’s and the Politics of Learned Helplessness and Learned Optimism

Problem perception before (green) and after (red) people are conditioned to learned helplessness. One of my most popular articles was a review of Malcolm Gladwell’s article on SUVs, which concluded that we are afraid of, and worried by, the wrong … Continue reading

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Enterprise Resilience

My book Natural Enterprise says the way to take the risk and stress out of your business is to do research up-front to ensure you find that ‘sweet spot’ where an untapped need intersects with something you and your partners … Continue reading

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Saturday Links

News of the Week:Ten reasons Bill Moyers Should be President: Seriously. Scott Beckman explains why he’s the right choice for the Democrats in 2008.US Comptroller Dares to Say What Greenspan Didn’t: US comptroller David Walker is now speaking out publicly … Continue reading

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Peer Production

From writer Erick Schonfeld in last month‘s Business 2.0 comes another twist on the Gift Economy & Open Source Business: Peer Production,.”allowing individuals to create products for themselves and others to enjoy” independent of organization or pricing considerations. The term … Continue reading

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The Span and Influence of the Blogosphere in 2010

The Technorati blog has been publishing a lot of data lately on the state of the blogosphere. Some of the data defy projection (if the number of blogs continues to double every five months, for example, in five years there … Continue reading

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Table of Contents Updated

I’m pleased to report that my tables of contents, listing all 1050 of my major articles by topic and subtopic, are now updated to today. You can find them on my right sidebar.

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Language and the ‘Otherness’ of the Environment

As I was working on yesterday’s post about Becoming Aware, I kept thinking about how our human languages frustrate our attempts to explain things that are perceptual rather than conceptual. The normal solutions to this are (1) use complicated words … Continue reading

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Three Necessary Capabilities for Becoming Aware

Since I wrote a review of Presence (the new book by Senge, Scharmer et al) I have been caught in a maelstrom of debate on the whole issue of whether personal ‘consciousness-raising’ (for lack of a better term) has an … Continue reading

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Sand Towns: Pueblos de Arena Strives for a Cultural Renaissance

Dear readers: I recently received this intriguing and moving letter from Mariella Rebora, who is directing an attempt to re-inculcate thousand year old artisan and bioregional management skills in the Chancay region of Per™ (coastal region north of Lima). She … Continue reading

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Preparing for the Flu Pandemic

Sometimes getting media attention is more a curse than a blessing. There is a ton of misinformation out there about the flu, and what to do about it, and the media, by dealing with the issue piecemeal, is contributing to … Continue reading

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