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Improving Your Capacity for Attention, Resilience, Intentionality & Imagination in Four Minutes Each Hour

Recently I described a four-minute exercise to try to improve my posture, breathing and attention skills. Using a watch set to beep at five minutes to each hour, I did this, an average of eight to ten times per day, … Continue reading

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The Process of Imagining

A while ago I wrote an article entitled How to Imagine that included these ten ‘rules’ to spur your imagination: Pay attention: Stand still and look until you really see. The more you see, the richer the palette you have … Continue reading

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The PKM-Enabled Organization

This article is the concatenation and update of three previous articles on Personal Knowledge Management (PKM). It will be published later this year as a chapter in a compendium book on emerging trends in KM. In North America at least, … Continue reading

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The birth of the de-centered self can be profoundly disorienting, it is transcendental and often involves a heightened sense of awareness and connection. The analytical ‘localized’ self can find it fragile, frightening and impossible to grasp…There is a sense of … Continue reading

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‘PucPuc’ is as close as I can get to the gentle, almost inaudible purr/coo/cluck sound that our friendly neighbourhood ruffed grouse makes, so that’s what I’m calling her. On Saturday she climbed on my shoulder as I did the trimming … Continue reading

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Self-Experimentation: What the Numbers Say

This weekend I ran some correlation analysis on all the data I have been compiling since the onset of my ulcerative colitis and my self-experimentation program to deal with it. The mindmap above shows the statistically significant (>0.7) correlations between … Continue reading

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Miro: Chapter Four: A Game of Cards

This is the fourth chapter of what is evolving of its own accord into a strange sort of mystery novel. The first chapter, Miro, is published here. The second chapter, Letter to Ariela, is published here. The third chapter, the … Continue reading

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Links for the Week — September 23, 2006

An intentional community of wild turkeys breaks fast this morning after a collective nap on our front lawn.Personal Learning Resources:Google Books: An Essential Research Resource: Google’s plan to scan, and make available for online browsing, every book in the world … Continue reading

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Ten Steps to a Radically Simpler Life, and a Scenario to Imagine

I‘ve written before about Jim Merkel’s book Radical Simplicity, and “living simpler” is a key component of my What You Can Do (to Help Save the World) list. But I’ve never really spelled out how each one of us can … Continue reading

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Who’s Most Capable of Making Decisions?

Recently I reported some corporate backlash against James Surowiecki’s ideas in The Wisdom of Crowds and its message that, if organizations were smart, they could dump a lot of expensive senior executive and consultant/expert baggage and get better decisions by … Continue reading

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