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Co-dependency is a situation in which two or more people or groups, through their social interaction, exhibit and sustain among each other behaviours that are mutually- and self-reinforcing and arguably unhealthy. Generally speaking one party suffers from some kind of … Continue reading

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BlogDay 2006

Today is BlogDay 2006, a day in which bloggers are encouraged to take note of and recognize exceptional bloggers around the world, especially those who blog in languages other than our own. This has been quite a success in the … Continue reading

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Self-Experimentation Update (Continued): The Hundred-Year Lie, A Stress Management Program, and Questions on Probiotics

This is a continuation of yesterday’s post, which I thought was more than long enough as it was. The Hundred-Year LieRandall Fitzgerald’s new book The Hundred-Year Lie is an exhaustively researched condemnation of the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, explaining … Continue reading

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Self-Experimentation Update: Science vs Instinct, and The Stress Factor

As regular readers know, I have embarked on a self-experimentation program to discover (I) an optimal therapy regime, (II) an optimal flare-up prevention program, and ultimately (III) the cause of and (IV) the cure for my new affliction, ulcerative colitis. … Continue reading

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Getting Things Done (GTD): Just Say No to Urgent Unimportant Tasks

It’s been awhile since I posted anything controversial on this blog. This might make up for that. I suspect to hear some “it’s not that easy” protestations. I’m ready for them — I’ve walked the talk on this.You’re probably familiar … Continue reading

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Social Networking: Why are Conversation and Collaboration Tools so Underused?

You’ve seen it a million times: At a meeting with a dozen people, some of them take notes and others don’t, and if you have a chance to see the notes afterwards you wonder if the people were actually at … Continue reading

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Links for the Week — August 26, 2006

A bumper crop of interesting links this week — thanks mainly to my generous and well-read readers and the fact that I’m finally starting to get caught up on four months of backlogged e-mails: Environment and Energy: Buying Green: Green … Continue reading

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Night walk, Light walk

Wednesday night it rained, and, since I was, as usual of late, unable to sleep, I decided to go for a 1 a.m. walk as the rain tapered off to a light shower. Our house is built into the side … Continue reading

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Conflicting Pleasures: Intense vs Sustained, Distilled vs Contextualized

Happiness and pleasure, it seems, come in two flavours. There’s the intense, short-term, euphoric, non-enduring type — dopamine and adrenaline coursing through our veins, producing brief moments of ecstasy. And then there’s the enduring, mellow, less acute type — perhaps … Continue reading

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Why Local Sustainable Enterprises are at Competitive Disadvantage, and What to Do About It

Michael Shuman, one of the co-founders of BALLE, has written an excellent book diagnosing the reasons entrepreneurial businesses face an uneven playing field and an unfair competitive disadvantage versus the multinational corporatist oligopolies (MCOs). This book, The Small-Mart Revolution, also … Continue reading

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