BlogDay 2006

blogdayToday is BlogDay 2006, a day in which bloggers are encouraged to take note of and recognize exceptional bloggers around the world, especially those who blog in languages other than our own. This has been quite a success in the non-Anglophone world in recent years, but sadly, since most English-speaking bloggers have a plethora of blogs to choose from, and are unlikely to speak another language anyway, their participation in this annual event is pretty muted. I speak French, but spend too little time browsing Francophone blogs.

But together we can at least publicize and celebrate this event. Although the official BlogDay site is groaning under all today’s activity, please keep trying until you get through, learn what BlogDay is all about, and then collectively in the comments thread let’s nominate 5 exceptional blogs that are (a) from non-Anglophone countries and (b) not primarily written in English. Please post a link to the blog(s) you nominate using the <ahref=””></a> HTML tag (with the full URL between the quotes).

And to the organizers of this event, bravo/brava, merci beaucoup!

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