PucPuc‘PucPuc’ is as close as I can get to the gentle, almost inaudible purr/coo/cluck sound that our friendly neighbourhood ruffed grouse makes, so that’s what I’m calling her. On Saturday she climbed on my shoulder as I did the trimming around the edges of the back lawn. When I moved to the front yard she jumped up into the tree above me, andthen came down onto the deck rail for a tummy rub.
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  1. Dave, I’m so intrigued with your grouse friend, and got to wondering if there were other people who’d been befriended by ruffed grouse. Found this blog entry: http://texasnature.blogspot.com/2003/06/interactions-with-ruffed-grouse-ron.html. Amazing. Pucpuc is beautiful.

  2. Carroll says:

    Wowza! I hadn’t seen this post before, Dave. How lucky you are to have been chosen :)

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