My HP Laptop Will Be In For Repair for 2-3 More Weeks

No I don’t have my HP laptop back yet — it’s going to take another 2-3 weeks to get the part in. So in the meantime I’ll be composing blog posts on another PC and loading them onto my crippled HP to upload them. Expect posting and e-mail response to remain sporadic until early December. This is intolerable! We need to create a domestic manufacturing industry that reintroduces pride and quality of workmanship, even if it means much higher prices. Updates to my HP experience will be posted to the comments thread to this post untilit’s fixed or I give up and buy a Mac. Sheesh!

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2 Responses to My HP Laptop Will Be In For Repair for 2-3 More Weeks

  1. Max Casebeau says:

    Wait a week on the web sites. who says that the ISP industry are not screwed up. They have lost all the code when I switched servers. About your computer problems, get a Mac . If need be, a 17 inch screen lap top,G-4. sys 10.4 nothing less. (tiger system). No more virius problems. get a 100 meg zip drive with UCB connection then you can more your data around. (Can you send me my Radio passwprd. (who is this ?).The Tiger system allows you to sort down all incoming or out going info on all programs, folders, and is a whiz creating new information. i have all the worlds climateartcles for the last 8 months. ( down load at least 300 google alerts a day based on my 400 search terms. the media has and cant print 2500 articles a day. But CEEI can and publish them too ! but i need some help. Do you know any women html programmmers that want a good lifetime job ?They have to be reliable and responsible. ( most women are good in this dept). max casebeau ceei director sun valley Idaho.

  2. zo says:

    oh, Dave, you would so enjoy a MacBook or MacBook Pro, i can’t tell you … but i guarantee you’d be telling me and the world after you switched! the whole Mac gestalt goes right along with your work here.

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