Sunday Open Thread – July 29, 2007

Lightning Branches Andrew Campbell
Lightning Branches, by Andrew Campbell (a depiction of Now Time)

What I’m thinking about, and planning on writing (and podcasting) about soon:

I’ve nearly completed the manuscript for my book on Natural Enterprise, which is due at the publisher in two weeks. Until then, articles here will continue to be short, focused and relatively unambitious. Apologies for not responding to e-mails, and blog comments. I’ll get to them later in the summer.

Our Youthful Skeletons: The NYT has unearthed some letters written by Hilary Clinton in her youth. I shudder at the thought that this could happen to me, and I suspect Hilary’s not too thrilled either. Now that everything we write is archived online, what scrutiny, what unfair out-of-context youthful writings will be dredged up to embarrass and discredit politicians and celebrities in a generation? Will we one day have the right to purge the Net of early writing? Will it even be possible?

The Three Seductions of Organized Religion: Absolution, salvation, and uncritical community. Damned appealing promises. Are these why so many people continue to belong, even fervently, to organized religions?

Out of Time: The realization that time is not linear, is not just a dimension like the dimensions of space, could change our perception and understanding of everything. When we spend so much of our life inside our own head, what happens when the foundation of that life suddenly vanishes? When we measure our accomplishments, the progress of our lives, in terms of clock time, what happens when we find that measure is a chimera?

Vignettes: Coming up soon, vignette #5.

Blog-Hosted Conversations: Starting the last week of August, once a week, this blog will feature 30-minute conversations, initially on the subject of “What is your model of a better way to live, and what capacities do we need to develop or re-learn to live that way?”

Open Thread Question:

What’s the most innovative organization you know of, personally, and what is their secret?

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2 Responses to Sunday Open Thread – July 29, 2007

  1. elona says:

    I’m looking forward to your blog hosted conversations.

  2. joe fitzgerald says:

    My mother work for a copmany and they do not recycle and she go to home dept and other stores and she see them tossing away so much stuff. brand new stuff one swtoretossed so much lumber away they could build a house with it I think they should not be able to do that all that lumber is going into our landfill and all the store do it toss thing away that is aqble to be used but the big ceo tells them to toss them in the trash for people can not get it and take them home to use it. It would cut back on stuff got into landfill alot

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