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Saturday Links for the Week – December 15, 2007

from Melisa Christensen — safe travel, Melisa!Models Not Leaders: WNYC has a great archive of the NPR RadioLab program. Listen to Season One’s program on Emergence — about how self-managed groups do very, very well without leaders. Instead, they self-adopt models, … Continue reading

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Love and Synaesthesia

As I drove into work very early this morning, it was as if I was seeing everything for the first time. It was a crisp clear winter morning, with a fresh dusting of soft snow on everything except the roads. … Continue reading

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The Man Who Loved Women

I am madly in love with womankind, and I’ve been spending all my spare time learning a staggering amount from some very special women, one-on-one. Trying to understand how they know so much better than men what can be done, … Continue reading

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The Political and Economic Principles of Natural Intentional Community

Regular readers know that I intend to (co-)create, through experimentation, intentional (natural) communities, to serve as models for those in our current society seeking a better way to live, and for those who survive our civilization’s collapse later in this … Continue reading

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Saturday Links of the Week and Sunday Open Thread – December 8 & 9, 2007

Now that’s a treehouse. Built to straddle four trees, for $250k, in Muskoka Ontario by architect Lukasz Kos.What’s new and important this week: A Plea for the Protection of Wilderness: Rick Bass in Orion writes a moving and poetic argument … Continue reading

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KM 0.0 – Simply Enabling Trusted Context-Rich Conversations Among Communities That Care

KM 1.0: all about content and collection KM 0.0 (PKM): all about context and connection content management, search and delivery platform large centralized just-in-case content repositories of ‘submitted’ ‘reusable’ documents with standardized taxonomy and search tools personal content management tools … Continue reading

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Vignette #7: Hexagon

This is a story of six lovers in a polyamorous circle. Not work-friendly. It’s fiction, just to give you an idea of how a love-positive communitymight work: Read the story. Image: A yurt in Big Sur California.. Category: Short Stories

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Gangs and the Malleability of Human Ethics

(posted from Vancouver)Observers of the now decade-long intractable genocides and civil wars in Darfur, Somalia, Chad, Zaire and other African nations describe the same gang phenomena repeated endlessly: Men horrifically tortured and slaughtered, women systematically and repeatedly raped, children kidnapped … Continue reading

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Sunday Open Thread — December 2, 2007

What I’m Thinking of Writing (and Podcasting) About Soon: Love, Conversation and Community: I remain convinced that Whether you want to change the political or economic system, save the whales, stop global warming, reform education, spark innovation or anything else, … Continue reading

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Saturday Links of the Week — December 1, 2007

All About Polyamory: The website of Anita Wagner, with a ton of very useful and wise information about how to make polyamorous relationships, circles and communities work. A Little Bit of Politics: While I’ve been preoccupied with love, conversation and … Continue reading

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