Friday Flashback — Ten Steps to Great Conversations — and a Week’s Hiatus

This week’s Friday Flashback is from September 2006: Ten ways to make your conversations more effective, enjoyable, and valuable for all. Summary:

The reasons we converse: to remember, reassure, educate, conceptualize, prompt action, convince, assist, think through, entertain, and socialize.

The ten steps to great conversations: Prepare, set the stage, listen (with your whole body), collaborate (yes…and), think through your response, listen to yourself, learn to speak well and facilitate well, resummarize often, think what could have beenbetter, and use simple conversation protocols. And practice, practice, practice.

Artwork “In Deep Conversation” by Irish artist Pam O’Connell

PS: I’m going to be away from technology, and this blog, for a week. Just a vacation. See you all again on the 28th!

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5 Responses to Friday Flashback — Ten Steps to Great Conversations — and a Week’s Hiatus

  1. lugon says:

    Dave, you’re mentioned at Mindset

  2. John says:

    I’m in the process of train myself as a effective speaker. In your list only one thing attracted me lot then the rest, that is “Listen to Yourself”, because this what I’m concentrating in my speech often. Thanks for the tips.Car Breakdown

  3. Carroll says:

    Well-deserved break, Dave! Have a grand vacation :-)

  4. The top ten steps can very helpful for me. I can

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