Pilgrimage — A Paradise Found, and Lost

Belize moonlight
I‘m back from a week-long, impulsive trip to Belize (some photos here), where I visited with Joe Bageant, one of the greatest storytellers of our generation, lived with a struggling family in a struggling nation (to learn whether all the ideas I write about on this blog have any kind of universal applicability), walked an ocean beach that has not yet become coveted and secured property, and slept in a tropical rainforest. So stay tuned for:

  • Pilgrimage, Part One: What globalization has wrought in the world’s struggling nations, and why they put up with it
  • Intentional Community versus Accidental Community: The dark side of Pollard’s Law
  • Pilgrimage, Part Two: A night in the rainforest
  • Ten Signs That the US and Canada are Failing States
  • Why So Few People are Interested in Serious Conversation
  • Vagabondage: Searching for Home
  • Making a Blog More Like a Conversation: Why I’ve started reading blogs (those that are true journals, and which relate personal stories) once again

Many thanks to Joe, and to my wonderful, gracious and generous Belizean hosts — the Garifuna family I stayed with in Hopkins and the Mayan youths who worked at the rainforest lodge and told me about theirculture.

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3 Responses to Pilgrimage — A Paradise Found, and Lost

  1. Michelle says:

    Welcome home dear friend :) Nice to have you back and thinking with us again *giggle*CU inworld when I get the chance! :)mitch

  2. Daisy Bond says:

    My co-blogger Emily and I were in Belize for a few weeks this summer. I’m looking forward to your posts about it.

  3. Amanda says:

    Yes, I’m looking forward to your posts about the trip as well. I’m sure this experience has opened a wealth of thought for you; I can’t wait for you to share it with us. Also, which personal, journal-esque blogs is it that you read? I often enjoy these kinds of personal accounts from time to time. I’m always interested in finding more.

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