there is an artist hiding inside each of us

there is an artist hiding inside each of us.

it wants to re-present what we see, sense, feel…
spatter 15-5

it wants to capture what is, what is astonishing, here, now…
turkey 3

it want to create what can only be imagined…

it wants to design miniature truths…
SLC logo

it wants to tell the world who we are, and what is going on…
shadow portrait of dave pollard

it wants to create meaning, to say “look! there’s a pattern here!”…
social fluency

 it wants to inspire, to tell an important story, and convey what we feel. it wants to provoke change by showing what is now that cannot go on.

i’m writing a song. the artist in me is crying out for new means of expression.

there is so much that is important that we have to communicate. why are we wasting time debating, analyzing, planning?

we know what has to be, and what has to be done, and what we have to be and do to real-ize that.

what are we waiting for?

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2 Responses to there is an artist hiding inside each of us

  1. if not now, when?We’re listening, Dave…we want to hear your song. We can sing some verses with you, but the song is yours.

  2. “why are we wasting time debating, analyzing, planning?”I’m constantly asking myself this same question Dave, but I never seem to find an answer. I’m getting a little sick of sitting around dreaming about the world that I want… it’s about time we all got out there and finally made it happen!

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