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Saturday / Sunday Links for the Week — August 30-31, 2008

My thoughts and hopes go out to all the people and creatures of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. We are going to learn a lot in the next few days about human nature, resilience, our inability to understand the … Continue reading

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Friday Flashback: The Virtuous Cycles of the Gift Economy

From two years ago:  Our society puts a value on human activities only when they can be monetized ñ when a transaction involving an exchange of money occurs. We tend to equate our time with money: If the ëmarket valueí … Continue reading

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How to Find Community

Byron Bay, Australia Caves Branch, Belize The 500sf home above was built using local, healthy, natural materials into a woodland hill in Wales, is sustainable and energy-efficient, and cost about 1500 hours plus £3000 ($6000). They are now planning to … Continue reading

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Do This. Now.

Just do this, now. Go here, and buy a copy of Life is a Verb. For these reasons: It will change your life. Seriously. It will show you (not tell you), through extraordinary true stories, how to live your life … Continue reading

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As part of my program of self-change and intentionality, I have been spending more time in natural places, more time in reflection, and more time practicing paying attention, really looking and listening and sensing and intuiting what is going on. … Continue reading

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The Space Between Despair and Hope

Einstein said that in his experience, the more people know about what happening in the world, the more pessimistic they become. I’ve become more pessimistic, but less depressed, as I’ve learned and studied and talked about the state of our … Continue reading

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Saturday Links for the Week: August 23, 2008

Cheryl’s family’s new pup Bella, taking a break from chasing the sheep. No Bad News Please, It Ruins My Day: Justin Kownacki: “Instead of making us all give a damn, however, this overwhelming surge of negative news is simply making … Continue reading

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Friday Flashback: The Real Innovator’s Dilemma

From 2006: In his celebrated book The Innovator’s Dilemma, Clay Christensen explains how successful companies can be “held captive” by their best customers to the point that they become vulnerable to disruptive innovation from competitors and new entrants, and unable … Continue reading

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Why We Watch Sports

This morning I listened to two fans of the Saskatchewan Roughriders (Canadian Football League) talk about how they had supported their team for forty years despite the fact it had only won the Grey Cup twice in all that time. … Continue reading

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Understanding Media Redux: Making Better Use of Space and Time Online

Last month I contrasted the wordle (a collage of words with size proportionate to frequency of use) of the contents of my personal profile and my friend Siona’s, and commented on how hers seemed more reflective of me than mine … Continue reading

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