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Saturday Links of the Week: September 27, 2008, and AFK Notice

Cartoon by Tab in the Calgary Sun, from the Cagle site. Thanks to Rob Paterson for the link. Project 10 to the 100th: Google is offering $10 million for the top ideas that help people help other people, in these … Continue reading

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CCK08 Week Three: Eight Important Questions About Learning and Connection

Week 3 of the CCK08 Connectivism MOOC is principally about network theory. I’ve written a bit about this, notably about network analysis (Rob Cross) and network mapping (Valdis Krebs, who was this week’s ‘virtual guest lecturer’). All week I’ve been … Continue reading

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Facilitation, Objectivity, Worldviews, Innovation and Coping with Complex Problems

I‘m on my way from San Jose to Vancouver and thence to Bowen Island for a course on The Art of Hosting (a collection of event facilitation and problem-solving methodologies). Despite the fact that Open Space, one of those methodologies, … Continue reading

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KMW08 — Greetings, Thanks, Request, and Animal Tales

Greetings to visitors to HtStW from KMWorld & Intranets 2008 in San Jose, where I presented yesterday on From Content to Context and From Collection to Connection, a discussion of how Knowledge Management is evolving with the astonishing help of … Continue reading

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The Pursuit of Happiness

My well-being mindmap, based on self-management actions I took after contracting chronic ulcerative colitis in 2006 On Saturday I pointed you to an old (2001) article by John Perry Barlow on the foolishness of our relentless pursuit of happiness — … Continue reading

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Saturday Links of the Week: September 20, 2008

The End of Free Markets and the US Dollar This has been the first week in seven years that the mainstream media have actually been reporting important news. The top news, of course, is that greed and incompetence in the … Continue reading

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CCK08 Week Two: Expectations of a Course on Learning, and Thoughts About How We Learn

THE NEW ROLE OF KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT (& ORGANIZATIONAL LEARNING) IMPROVING PERSONAL PRODUCTIVITY ïFacilitating PCM: helping people to self-find, self-filter, self-publish, self-subscribe, and self-organize ëstuffí ïTeaching research skills: methods, not tools IMPROVING CONNECTION ïFacilitating conversations: with new simple, real-time connectivity tools … Continue reading

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You wake up tomorrow and discover that all the hydrocarbons in the world — all the oil, gas and coal — have vanished. Evaporated. Crumbled into dust and blown away. Since it’s dark, you have to stumble around looking for … Continue reading

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The Transition Town Phenomenon

My publisher, Chelsea Green, is the North American distributor for Rob Hopkins’ book The Transition Handbook, which explains the Transition Town phenomenon and how you can make your community a Transition Town. The idea of Transition Towns is radical relocalization … Continue reading

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Herd Mentality

Image of stampede from this Yorkshire UK site In times of great uncertainty, most people look for a leader to tell them what they should do, or for an agent to do it for them. It would be hard to … Continue reading

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