KMW08 — Greetings, Thanks, Request, and Animal Tales

Dave Snowden, Amy Lenzo, Jerry Michalski, Dave Pollard
Greetings to visitors to HtStW from KMWorld & Intranets 2008 in San Jose, where I presented yesterday on From Content to Context and From Collection to Connection, a discussion of how Knowledge Management is evolving with the astonishing help of Generation Millennium. I self-recorded the presentation, and may try to turn the Slideshare into my first Slidecast.

The tag for the event is KMW08 and the event blog is here. The mood is upbeat, as many organizations seem to be discovering the power and low cost of open source social networking, and giving up on heavy, expensive, centralized, over-engineered content solutions like sharepoint. We’re even making some progress on my dream of replacing e-mail with real-time connectivity tools.

Last night I had an extraordinary dinner with three extraordinary people (photos above, from top): Dave Snowden, Amy Lenzo, and Jerry Michalski. Once the beverages started flowing some indiscreet things were said, so it may take some editing (and a long wait) before I can put it up as a podcast. It’s audible, though, despite the clinking and chatter from other tables, and listening to it is eerily like eavesdropping. Thanks to Amy for the photos above, and to my three guests for astonishing conversation.

Tonight I had the pleasure of dining with Second Life Intentional Community cohort Paul Heft. It’s an absolute delight meeting people you’ve come to know and like virtually, face to face, and discovering they’re exactly how you had come to “know” them. Paul’s a guy full of gentleness, grace and presence, and I hope, if I ever grow up, I’ll turn out like him. Proud to know you, my friend.

A request for those who have read and enjoyed my book (finally up on the right sidebar) — if you are so inclined, could you please post a short review on, and if you’re Canadian or British copy it to your local country Amazon site (links to all the pertinent book pages on the right sidebar)? My publisher, Chelsea Green says some positive reviews can help sales. Thank you!

And finally, a good word on two wonderful books about animals:

  • Karen Shanley’s Dogs of Dreamtime is a chronicle of Karen’s experiences as a dog-owner, and it’s an emotional roller-coaster ride of love, grief and connection. Moving, provocative, raw, this is a book that anyone who’s ever had a companion animal will associate with.
  • Diane Hammond’s Hannah’s Dream is a fictionalized account of Hannah, an old and lonely elephant in a broken-down small town zoo, and the people who love and care for her. Based on a true story, it’s ultimately a story about captivity — of animals and humans — and how we cope with the limits that constrain our lives and our imagination. In the words of Hannah’s sick, weary and diligent trainer:
My kind of people, sir, we don’t always have dreams. It’s better not to, sometimes. I’d rather appreciate what I’ve got than die of wanting whatI can’t have.

Both books will make you cry. But in a good way.

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  1. Hi Dave–Wish I couuld have been a fly on the wall…sounds like a delightful dinner! I wish you wouldn’t edit out the indiscretions…or at least make the available for those of us with whacked senses of humor!Thanks for the kind words about Diane Hammond’s new book. She’s a new friend of mine, and a Bendite (Oregon). Fine thinker and great heart.Beth

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