Do This. Now.

life is a verbJust do this, now. Go here, and buy a copy of Life is a Verb. For these reasons:

  1. It will change your life. Seriously. It will show you (not tell you), through extraordinary true stories, how to live your life more intentionally. How to stop doing what’s merely urgent and start doing what’s really important, to you. How to become who you really are, and do what you were intended to do. It will empower you, not by telling you what to do, but by making you believe, passionately, that you can be better, can do more, can be more authentically yourself. And how to start.
  2. It’s enormous fun. Patti is funny. Her stories (some about her own life, some those of people she knows) are more than instructional, they are entertaining. This book will make you laugh, cry, and do lots of other things you didn’t think you would or could do. It will move you.
  3. It is extraordinarily well written. If you are a writer, and want to learn how to write well, this is your model. Every word in this book counts. There are no false notes. The stories are surrounded by stunning colour graphics submitted by dozens of different artists on the stories’ themes, and by quotes and poems that are such perfect complements to the stories that you will treasure the book just for its collection of the most succinct and powerful turns of phrase on subjects that matter you will find anywhere. A 200-page bravura performance of clear, precise, concise, transporting prose.

I could give you other reasons, such as that this is going to be a best-seller, a blockbuster, and if you buy now she’ll sign it for you and you’ll be able to show it off to others (“I was reading Patti’s work before she was famous”). Or that this is the book that accomplishes what the acclaimed Eat, Pray, Love merely hinted at: it creates a whole new genre — something like Inciting Narrative. Or that I’m so convinced you’ll be blown away with it that I’ll buy it back from you if you aren’t, and give you the address of someone to pass it forward to. Or that you really need to buy a bunch of copies because you’ll be giving copies away to people you love, for their good, for your good, before you’re half way through it.

But enough.

You haven’t bought a copy yet? Go, now. It’s only $20. What’s holding you back? Suspicious of my motivations? I have never met Patti, and I don’t get any royalties. This book is just that good. You read this blog because you have some trust, some expectation, that you’ll learn something useful. So trust me. You’llthank me. Promise.

Fund your own revolution. Risk your significance. No excuses. Just do this. Now.

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6 Responses to Do This. Now.

  1. Joyce McGreevy says:

    Done! I can’t remember if I discovered 37 Days through your wonderful posts or vice versa, but I now consider both sites essential daily reading. All the best, Joyce McGreevy in Evanston, Illinois

  2. Ok, I’ll trust you! Ordered one for me and sent one to a friend.

  3. Karen Crone says:

    Hi Dave–Phew! I often come here to learn how to save the world, and it always feels like it will be so hard, ya know?But this time, this one… I got it covered. The local bookstore left a message that it is in, and I’m picking it up today. Can’t wait to get my hot little hands on it.

  4. raffi says:

    dave,i don’t recall you ever being so categorical about something…so i went “out” and purchased it too!and also posted a link to this post to the Open Space list…there’s a hot thread there going right now about books about being human…thanks for the post…

  5. John Graham says:

    No! No, I’m not going to. Some dots I like to deliberately leave unconnected, and see what comes into that creative space.Dave, I’ve learnt a lot from your blog about reading between the lines of your blog (the post about market research using cultural anthropology methodology was a breakthrough stand-out for me)There’s evidently a strong link between How to Save the World and 37 Days, you and plenty of others are making that connection. So I’m not going there. I’ll just watch YOU now and then, and see what happens ;). It’s enough.btw “inciting narrative”, great phrase, it could describe an older genre known as “parable”. There’s plenty of it around if you’re ready to get yourself incited, ignited. For me, The Black Swan was the book. I’m guessing an astonishing number of people are now primed and ready. You ain’t too far ahead anymore, mate.

  6. nikki hardin says:

    I’m biased because my company published her book, but I first fell in love with her blog and then approached her about a book. She is one of my favorite writers.

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