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What Will Canada Do When the US Tells Us “No”?

It is hard to imagine that the US doesn’t have a plan to annex Canada. A nation that has no hesitation in trumping up charges against a country half a world away when it is perceived to threaten its energy … Continue reading

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Where Do You See Your Future Beginning?: U Journaling Practice

The first section of my book Finding the Sweet Spot is about discovering where what you’re good at, what you love doing, and what is needed in the world (that you care about) intersect. The book describes a number of … Continue reading

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Saturday (Sunday) Links of the Week — August 16 (17), 2008

That’s the head of an exhausted, wet chipmunk peeking out of the towel, after I rescued him from our pool today. Our man-made world poses such strange perils for wild creatures! A couple of minutes after I took this shot, … Continue reading

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More Than Just a Friday Flashback: Presencing and Theory U

Three years ago I reviewed, in glowing terms, and excerpted parts from, a book called Presence with four authors, one of whom is MIT lecturer Otto Scharmer, creator of Theory U, illustrated above, which is the backbone of the concept … Continue reading

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Presence: The Practice of Self-Awareness and Self-Management

Of late I have been practicing meditation, and it is finally starting to bear fruit. What I have realized is that I (and perhaps most people) have always lived life automatously: Reactive, un-self-aware of what I am doing, and why. … Continue reading

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Last year I described thirteen economic, political and environmental crises that are long overdue, and which will almost certainly occur at some point in this century. These crises will be the result of our generation’s short-term thinking, greed, and mismanagement … Continue reading

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Working Smarter

Last week in Quebec City I had the pleasure of meeting with about 20 senior librarians and information directors at a workshop to discuss the trends in and future of Knowledge Management and research, and the evolving role of Information … Continue reading

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Saturday Links for the Week: August 9, 2008

The ultimate test of your rock-balancing finesse, via Forum Ouvert (Open Space) practitioner JS Bouchard, who, with his family, were such wonderful hosts to me during my visit yesterday to QuÈbec.Mainstream Media Finally Pick Up on Ivins-Squalene Connection: The motive … Continue reading

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Friday Flashback: Population: A Systems Approach

Four years ago I reproduced a synopsis of two of the critical arguments from Daniel Quinn’s book Story of B, written by David Sheen, along with my own narrative. The first argument, The Boiling Frog, is that the population explosion … Continue reading

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Cohousing, Housing Cooperatives, and Intentional Communities

Perhaps because of the ponderous nature of the term “Intentional Community”, many such communities are called cohousing neighbourhoods. Other terms like ecovillages, communes and housing cooperatives are also used. Since even wikipedia mis-defines some of them, it may be worthwhile … Continue reading

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